Friday, April 19, 2019

So much for promising to keep up the blog..

. ..recent events have got in the way.
The weather has been overly hot so wasn't enthused to do enough work.
My partner had been informed he had a subdural haemorrhage several weeks ago and it was being monitored up until the last Ct scan which showed an increase in volume. so a phone call from St. Vincent's Hospital late on the Saturday night to be there Sunday for an operation on Monday. Check out train timetables and we were off. I don't do Melbourne city traffic at all anymore. so drive to Seymour (an hour and a quarter) and then the train to Southern cross station and then taxi to the Hospital. I found accommodation for me that night 10 minutes walk away. Operation was successful, so I went home that night and followed up things I needed to do and went back on Wednesday to bring him home. How quick is that.
He discovered he was as weak as a kitten and spent most of the first day home in bed. I have given him 2 days that he is not allowed to do anything and then he can slowly get back into a routine. Hi son will be here today so I can do the Rushworth Easter Saturday Market tomorrow. Hope I have enough stock. Haven't really felt like spinning the last few days.

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