Monday, November 16, 2009

Gardening and other things....

Although the weather conditions continued to be in high 30's I manged to pop in some more tomatoes. Something is trying to pick at new leaves, just leaving holes (I have put Defender down). Anyway the peanuts are still growing and zucchini seeds have popped. continue to keep on top of the watering. Have to keep the S & D tanks filled from the spur channel (that's Leigh's job).

The Aged Care Hostel where I am currently working 3 days a week at had their annual fete yesterday. I was the Spinning display, so all my wool was out, plus my scarves, beanies etc.
My best sellers of the day were 2 Christmas Tablerunners and 2 quilted totes, so am happy they sold. Now have to cracking for the Girgarre Dec market to make a couple more for display. Need to do so much work, not enough hours.

I received a phone call this morning from an Alpaca farmer in the area who wants her fleeces spun, so more work coming that way. We had a brief discussion a couple of months ago when we were at Mandie Chandler's (EGMTK) Spinning night at Tongala.

Have to get organised again and put more photos up. I have some natural coloured wool yarn from the Goldfields Mohair Farm that I have dyed, and I think my colours have turned out well.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Gardening hasn't featured much in my life for a while. Very depressing going outside looking at the extremely dry grass and the huge collections of weeds in every garden bed you can find. So, I have made a decision to only do bits at a time so it is not so daunting.
Today, just cleared some top grass around the manderin tree in the veg patch, planted some zucchini seeds, two tomato plants from their pots, and some peanut plants which have grown in their pots(hope these can be successful).
This small area is easy enough to water with the hose in the mornings.
It still continues to be hot here, with temperatures in the mid 30's.
What will our summer here be like, I dresd to think?

Girgarre market yesterday was quite warm with a reasonable crowd attending, but not many buyers. Woolly things do not figure much at this time of year, but as it is in our local area, I still attend. Some nice lady may like to start knitting for next year.