Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's good to know that friends and families are safe. In trying not to overload the phones so disaster messages can be sent out, we play a waiting game until we are informed all ok.

It was amazing to hear my hometown of Pyramid Hill had flooded around the Hill and up to the town boundary, and people were using canoes for transport. Luckily my old home was not flooded and old friends two doors up were not flooded, although they have been part of the workforce with the sandbagging etc.

Let's hope the water runs away reasonably quickly, to allow normality to return.

Early February, I will be giving Spinning lessons at a newly opened shop in Rushworth.
Wendy Cooke is the proprietor of Rushwool Knit and Yarn, and kindly asked if I could do lessons, and we have decided to do lessons on a Monday for a three week block. As it is a small area classes are limited to 2 persons, which I hope to give each person more attention. I am looking forward to this as it has been one of my future goals.
Photos below of recent works:
... English Leicester/Corriedale Blend

.....Handspun from tops (EGMTK)
....Hand-dyed Natural grey processed wool yarn

...Handspun from hand dyed wool tops.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a little update.....

Sunday's market at Girgarre started out with weather changing to showers. Should I set up?? Might as well, weather can be all-changing, as it was. Showered on and off with just a few of the cotton totes getting damp, with the wool products staying dry. This market coincided with the annual Moosic Muster so there were a few people around. Had a surprisingly successful day, as usually visitors are just looking and buying fruit and vegies. So it was great to sell wool products in the middle of summer.

Last week I could only spin at night as I was working the full week while my colleagues were away. No working in the studio until Saurday, so have been carding more wool since.

I am still waiting for repairs to the NEW Air Con when it broke down after 3 or 4 uses. The service agent is waiting for a part to come in. I am glad we haven't had real hot weather, it does get hot and steamy in there. I am using a water cooler at the moment.

I have been able to update the website with some new handspun yarns as they have been completed. I previously had some dyed English Leicester from Coral Stuart, which I have blended once through the carder to soften the EL. The greens and blues, with several other colours through it give the yarn a nice natural finish.