Saturday, October 30, 2010


...setting up the website. So far so good. Looking forward to it, even though I am only a small crafts business. You never know what might happen!
We had some rain today; so far 15mm, pretty good for the paddocks now the hay has been bailed (341 bales). Cows and sheep are very happy with the feed this year. Not so good for the garden, too many weeds.
I usually work Tuesday and Friday and with Melbourne Cup on Tuesday I get a holiday so hopefully get lots of work done, particularly in the Studio as I now have POWER!! Must get some gardening done as well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brave me....

Well, I have decided to bite the bullet and set up a Webstore, to add to the markets I attend. I want to increase the distance for sales. I look forward to this challenge, and since I at least set up this blog, I am hopeful I can set the website up as it is through diyestores. I am probably quite small compared to some but I hope to do well.

Amelia had her 1st birthday a couple of weekends ago and her Mum and Dad had a BBQ with family and friends attending.

It seems both my granddaughters have birthdays around major sporting events. Mackenzie's birthday coincides with the Football Grand Final (heaven help her for her 18th and 21st birthdays) and Amelia coincides with Bathurst .

....sample of fleeces from my sheep, lovely long locks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little one's birthdays...

...two weeks ago it was Mackenzie's 2nd birthday with friends and family sharing in the party goodies and present opening. Very excited little girl who was well behaved and having lots of fun.

Dyed fleece now being made into batts and yarn. Lots of flecks showing through.
Tabelerunner and placemats now completed waiting for a new owner???