Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's time to get...
Last year became really busy with our farm selling early December and settlement early January.
Sheep were taken by another farmer so did not have to go to market. will always be able to get fleeces.
Learning more about machine knitting and hope to work on garments and accessories using my own handspun yarns.
We have moved to the town and are now awaiting permits for the new shedding. We have 2 storage sheds full of "stuff" which have to be resorted into new shedding..(his, hers and ours).
In the meantime, the house is full of clean and dirty fleeces, dyed fleeces and undyed tops, fine wool yarn for machine knitting and, of course all my market gear and stock.
I am now managing to get a small amount of work done. h2 wheels working, and only one knitting machine up but thee carders are ready to go.
And I hope to get this blog going better!!

The Girgarre Market is on tomorrow and it is going to be hot, but there are some shady trees to stand under.