Friday, September 18, 2015

Extra market at Nagambie Lakes..

..tomorrow starting at 10am to 3pm.
Follow on Sunday with Mooroopna Farmers and Craft Market.
It has been busy with days out but hopefully I till have a good compliment of yarns, garments and accessories.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

This week is busy but..

...not with crafting.
Tired after 2 markets, with the Sunday being a very long day starting at 4am and getting home at 6pm.
I have been spinning, and have started a beret combining commercial and handspun yarns.
In the meantime, I have 2 trips to Shepparton for Leigh's eye appointments to laser seal the detaching retina which was separating in 6 places. Nasty!
Also, a trip to Echuca to take some dyes to a customer, get a little shopping for my daughter whose youngest child who has been very ill with a chest infection this past week. Then visit my parents and see how my father is faring after his bout with pneumonia.
Whew! I look forward to next week with a trip to see Miss Fisher's fashion garments at Ripponlea on Wednesday, and my birthday on Tuesday.
Girgarre market is on this Sunday so hopefully get a few more items ready over the next couple of days.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nagambie Market and Castlemaine Artits Market ....

This will be a big weekend for me, with 2 markets.
Saturday is my regular Market at Nagambie Lakes in my usual spot.
Castlemaine Artists Market on Sunday at the Castlemaine Primary School, cnr Uruqhart and Mostyn sts is a new one for me.
I will feel like a beginner, so worried about the amount of stock I have. Have been working on rebuilding stock levels, but all my projects do take time.
Attended a Fashion Parade and dinner put on by the Machine Knitter's Association on Wednesday night, so have some new inspirations to think about.