Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harrietville... I come.
Whilst I was working shift work, I was not able to attend any workshops over the years, so for the first time this year I am going to the Harrietville weekend retreat workshop that is put on every year by the Handspinners and Weavers Guild (Vic). So am busily preparing the the requirements for the workshops on hand.
Art yarns, wool embroidery, Historical dyeing, wool blending with combs, and ideas for the knitters loom.
The best about it will be the new comrades I will meet and some I already know and the casual way the workshops work.
Will have some posting to do when I come back.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mooroopna Farmers Market...

...tomorrow from 8.00am. I have spun some new yarn and have a few small items added to the craft table.
Hand dyed wool top plied with natural coloured fleece.
Child's beanie

Hand dyed Machine knit Scarf/Shawl

Friday, March 16, 2012

More Rain... today which means wearing gumboots to the studio. 39mm at 7am still showering on and off during the day.
Have completed the back and 2 sleeves of a cardigan for an  machine knit order. And I am continuing with spinning some hand dyed tops (mine) and plying them with natural coloured wool. Also working on carding more wool for a spinning supply. Winter is fast approaching and I will need lots of handspun for the markets.
Working on a project for myself as well. Sometimes a girl has got to get some new winter woollies.
Need to post some photos when they are done.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little update...

The website has been updated with a few small projects.
The paddocks have drained but still look very waterlogged. The channels on the farm are full of water. Other paddocks in the area are not so lucky and I would say some of these will still be underwater for some time. We have been extremely lucky!
Handspun, handdyed thick and thin
I can now walk to the Studio without wearing gumboots. It took a few days to get back to the Studio, so have been a bit behind with projects.
The Girgarre market is on tomorrow so will have a few extra items added to the stall.
The Murray College of Health in Echuca has also been asking for awhile to add some of my handspun articles to their window, and I was able to take a few things over there for them to display and sell, along with some other handmade items. so will look forward to extra sales there.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello out there...

Very remiss of me not blogging. Internet service up and down. Upgraded to 4G Mobile so hope it becomes better.
Here on the farm this week we have had a whopping 6 inch rainfall resulting in flooded paddocks. We have a huge drain through the property and it is fast flowing and very high, about 18 inches below the bridge. Unfortunately thinking we were not going to get more than the first 3 inches we closed the door that takes water into the drain, so waking up Thursday morning found my Studio surrounded by a sheet of water. Water was lapping the verandah around the house as well. Due to the height of the drain, water was not going away as fast as it usually does.  To add to this proble, the property up the road from us unfortunately has flooded and is running down the road drains, seeping onto our propety around the Studio area so we are on Floodwatch. Everything is up high for the present until everything settles down.
I cancelled going to the Nagambie market, thankfully, as it has now started to rain again. The sheep and cattle have got some dry ground, so hopefully it will be okay!
Looking from house to our next paddock

Studio surrounded by water

Back verandah area
Luckily I had visitors from the Art Mooveau group, to the studio for a get together with coffee and cake on Wednesday. Lots of woollie goodies went away in their hands.
Some hand dyed wool tops and fleeces went over to the North East last Sunday and have new owners. So have had  productive sales this week to make up for lost markets. A recent visit over to Echuca also saw 19 skeins of wool yarns go to a new owner as well.
Once the rain event has finished will have to get more wool dyed. Do not want to increase the drain problem at the moment. So spinning a multi coloured yarn and some Alpaca for a client using handcards to prepare the fibre. Tedious but showing promise.