Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Yarn...

Carnival 8ply

Freesias 4ply

Machine knit cotton top in Blush
...added to the website. My plans are to gradually add my handdyed yarn in 1kg lots divided into 10 skeins of approx 100gms each as  they are dyed.
The colour of this garment did not come out as well as I thought it would so nay have to check the camera and do another on. A simple lace pattern with boatneck and garter stitch edging at the sleeve area.

Hanspun from hand dyed blended fleece.

This yarn I am still working on, origially deing 900gms of grey fleece in 3 colours , blending on the carder and then spinning as singles(approx10-12ply)

Saturday, November 24, 2012


After a big decision by my partner, he has finally decided that the farm is not up to the mark and even reopening the dairy is not able to produce enough income to keep us going as well as feeding all the cattle and the sheep. The upgrade to the power after an unfortunate accident, (unwitnessed) and the future upgrade to the irrigation system is going to be too much to handle. Leigh is 60 next month and I am 59. We could have rattled on for awhile as we were but now with no real spring rain all the feed has gone off,
So the farm is going on the market, with photos being taken on Monday, and the signs going up as well for internet access to the real estate agents.
Unfortunately one does not know how long this could take considering the poor economic climate.
Being as it may, it is a good property for someone just starting out with extra money to put into the things that we can't financially do. Lots of shedding as well, including my studio.
My crafting will go on as usual, and hopefully I will access other markets as I won't have to think of too many animals.
Leigh's mother is aging and is becoming more frail and so has been needing a lot of help, and there is nowhere for her to go, yet.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I remember...

...when I started this blog that I would keep up to date. But life, including family, new grandchildren and issues surrounding them did get in the way. Hopefully some of these issues will settle down so I can get back to what I should be doing.
The sheep have been shorn, with some fleeces with barley grass through them, some of which I can process myself, and the better ones may go to Baling Day for ongoing commercial processing into tops, or yarn.
Handspun, from Hand dyed wool tops

Handspun natural camel coloured wool

Handspun from hand dyed fleece

Machine knit from Natural 3ply yarn

Machine Jacket from Bendigo Wool 3ply

Hand dyed 4ply Pure wool
So I will add a few photos for you to peruse so you know I have not slacked off on the craft side of things.