Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I am....

...picking, carding and spinning some Suri fleece for a client. It is an extremely long fleece, and I wanted to spin it as a raw fleece. Because of it's length it has proved a little challenging. I cut it half and hand carded originally, but now I am picking as a whole length then drum carding several times before spinning. I think the skeins still look lovely. This I am spinning on my Ashford Joy.
Over the last week or so I have also commenced another alpaca fleece for another client, this is on my electric wheel, another alpaca fleece is being spun on the Tara wheel.
In the meantime a grey fleece has been picked and carded, the remainder of a white fleece is halfway through being carded, and the brown fleece has been picked.
Out on the verandah a tan alpaca fleece, and a dark brown sheep fleece are drying after their washing process.
I now feel productive. Will get more photos on here soon.
I might go to Merrigum this afternoon to catch up with the ArtMooveau girls.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wool Day...

Wangaratta Wool Day was busy, with visitors flocking to the stalls which included First Edition Fibres, Mandie from EGMTK, Anne Churches with her Tapestry Weaving, Julie Petlyn with Alpaca fibres and Fibre Picker and combs.

Demonstrations included Tunisian crochet,needle felting, weaving, and novelty spinning.

I took my handspun shawl to put on our North East Yarns stall, and I was very pleased to have several admirers of it. It could have gone on to our stall at the Beechworth Old Schoolhouse Gallery, but I thought I would continue to keep it on my own stall until Bendigo Wool Show and if not sold in that time, can then go to Beechworth.

Although I have plenty of fibre from various sources, I had to buy more. There is always something you different to do. I'll post some photos when I organise the photos.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More time....

I have recently gone back to working two days, as family (incl. extended) issues had arisen, so hopefully I will be able to devote more time to craft and still enjoy just a couple of days at work.
As I had already visited my daughters' on Monday I was able to have time for myself on Wednesday, happily completing the picking of a grey fleece and carding half of it. I am hope to blend with white and dark brown for a tweed effect.
This is a completed gullwing shawl from my handspun coloured blend.

Busy night tonight, will have to make up a loaf of sandwiches to take to Wangaratta.
The North East Yarns with Wangaratta Handspinners and Weavers are hosting their Annual Wool Day. It will be a busy wonderful day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter....

It's a lovely day outside this Easter Sunday. So, have been watering fruit trees and vegie garden, watching the pumpkins grow. Checked out what was underneath a dying peanut plant - not quite right peanuts - so I know we can grow them here. The other plants are still growing, not dying back, yet. Dug up some potatoes, as well.
Later this afternoon, will head off to Echuca this afternoon to have tea with the girls and family, and visit my parents as well.
My mother gave me the sad news that her brother, Les, had died quietly in his sleep last night. My uncle had led a busy life over the years, having many farms, last being at Daylesford. He was renowned for attending the Dog Trials on his scooter. when I went to visit my ex-MIL at Ballarat St. John of God Hospital 2 weeks ago, I had hoped that I would get the chance to visit Les as well, but he had been discharged that day, as there was no more they could do for him. I would imagine that he would have practically jumped out of bed when they said he could go home (if his legs would have let him). My sister took Mum to visit him a couple of days later.
Uncle Les was 80 years old (always a good innings).
My ex-MIL remains in hospital in a stable condition, so now we wait and see.

I had a reasonable day at Nagambie Market yesterday, lots of people about, a bit cool to start off with but warming up late morning.