Friday, April 26, 2013

Please don't be....

...bored with me. So much to do here, barely time to scratch myself.
I have been carding single colours into batts, so that a person can pick and choose thee colours they want to blend, and this takes up a lot of my time.
The Echuca nanny and Ewe Fibre Muster was held last weekend, and it was again a success.
This Saturday is the Wangaratta Wool Day at a new venue at Our Lady's Primary school Hall, White St., Wangaratta.
Today, the vet is coming to preg test the cows as some have calved early, so my crafting time is out for this morning.
Will come back after the weekend with photos, that I will have to update.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh dear...

Blogging is getting seriously left behind.
But I have been working hard on machine knitting, lots of spinning, etc.
I have had my usual markets, but some extra events are coming up with the NannyandEwe Fibre Muster in Echuca next weekend followed by the Wangaratta Wool Day the Saturday after that.
So a coupe of photos to show what is happening and then I have to help shift some cattle to another paddock.