Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dairy up and running...

We bought new Jersey cows for the dairy and it has been a bit stressful for them as well as us, but hopefully soon things will settle down. Also I got the dreaded "cold" with sinus problems and the sore throat, which did not help. cell count has been a problem but hoping to get on top of this.

So, up early at 5am with a bit of breakfast, then down to the dairy yard forr me to feed my sheep and shut them into their other paddocks away from the dairy, and then the cows into the yard for milking. we have 54 milking cows at the moment and 4 calves we are feeding which will be sufficient for this season. A nice Jersey bull has been hired and arrived yesterday, and was extremely happy to see his new girls. He is a quiet boy which is good because I do not like being around bulls.

My craftwork has to continue, but sadly I have lost some hours, but as it approaches the warmer months I hope to get some spinning done. I will still be attending the 3 regular markets I attend, Nagambie, Girgarre, and Mooroopna, plus some sharing days and of course the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show.

I continue to work on my machine knitting and have made a few more garment over the last few months, and hope to produce some summer cotton garments soon.

I have some fleeces washed waiting for picking and carding, so never a dull moment and more organisation will get me going.