Monday, February 22, 2010

Working on lots of projects...

Last post I posted photos with no details, so a little bit of an update on their progress and other stuff...

I have been spinning a fleece of black Alpaca, for a local client, and have finally finished carding it so I can really get stuck into it. (I would love to have some for myself but maybe another time.)

On the needles I am currently knitting ...
a red scarf from Bendigo Wool,
a man's jumper in handspun natural grey on consignment,
completed garter stitch scarf knitted on big needles from overdyed coloured processed
wool from Bendigo Goldfields farm,
a shawl knitted on 6.5mm needles from overdyed coloured wool (not pictured).

I also have fibre on all the bobins of my spinning wheels.

Sewing - almost completed Amelia's quilt, and a quilted bag.

Girgarre Market was quiet on the 14th, although not too hot.

This weekend just gone, found Leigh and myself at the Seymour Farming Expo. We regularly visit each year. Then Sunday off to Wooragee, past Beechworth, for a meeting with my MEMAC Textiles Group (trading as North East Yarns).

Travelled home in heavy rain, almost getting blown off the road, to find that we had none here (sigh!!!). This morning 2.3mm in the gauge overnight. A little more here today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Been busy....

A fortnight has gone, but I have not been idle.

Monday is usually a day at home doing some sort of craftwork, maybe a little housework!!!

Tuesday .. workday

Wednesday..visit to Echuca to go to (1) Wool & Craft meeting or workday(1st & 3rd Wed each month), (2) visit each daugher with respective grandchildren in each of their living abodes or together in one place, (3) then visit my parents, (4) visit Chiropracter if due for an appt. now every 3 weeks, I look forward to lengthening time between visits, (5) back to Kyabram shops, (6) sometimes I am then able to catch up with my other friendly group in Merrigum - ArtMooveau. Sometimes I just manage 2 or 3 of these visits.

Thursday & Friday... workdays

Weekend catchup for Markets, or visitors or as the previous Saturday I found myself in Echuca for a Body Shop Pamper party, plus a little wine and cheese.

In the meantime there is plenty on the needles, the spinning wheels active at night or sometimes in the morning, and the sewing machine gets active too.