Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ok the car is packed....

.. and wool carded for spinning.
Off to Mooroopna Farmers market tomorrow after a break of 2 months. Previously I have been at the Bendigo Wool Show and a workshop with Jacey Boggs, the Insubordiknit spinner. Hope the weather holds up, as it looks grey and the Barometer has dropped.
Have to get up extra early as we always feed the sheep first, but we now have a calf to feed as her mum didn't make it. She was an older jersey cow( as are the others) and we weren't sure she was in calf, but calve she did, but from the outset you could see her slowing. Gorgeous heifer calf for future generations.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay... blogging entries have been very poor lately but I have been using Facebook for quick entries.
Now, on the farm we have been calving very slowly and spread out, unfortunately, and we still have one to go. One of the older cows gave birth to twins, luckily 2 heifers, so a lot of growing for these tiny girls. i haven't taken any photos yet, because the day after they were born Mum wasn't well and had to be treated with Calcium successfully, but soon after one of the twins went missing, and could not be found anywhere. We have a lot of long grass around the channel area, so heaven only knows where she went, but after a week of not finding her she turned. So 15 cows and 15 calves in one paddock. We are very happy! Another paddock we have 10 Lowlines, ( 4 of which are heifers calving early next year) with 6 calves. In another paddock the Lowline bull has 7 heifers and a steer to keep him busy. Lots of animals now plus 44 sheep.

Of course I am always working at my crafting and have finally finished a machine knit cardigan, so hopefully am getting the hang of the machines now.
Handspinning always goes on, with the Alpaca for a client as a priority but I have done some natural coloured Corriedale for the stall.

And some seing, and I need to add more of these. Here is a sample.

So, since it is my birthday today, it is time to get ready to go to Echuca for lunch with my mother, children, sister, etc.