Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nagambie Market... on again this Saturday. Last month was when we had exceptionally inclement weather so it did not happen.
I have some new natural handspun for the stall, and I hope to finish a tablerunner and placemat set.
The sheep are being shorn on Sunday so will have more fleeces after that to sort.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adding Stash... the Studio. Studio is filling up fast. Added a couple more big shelving which seem to be working well.
I also recently started on this Tablerunner and 4 placemats from 8 Batik prints I bought at the Craft Quilt show in July. I hope they will sell when the time comes.

Have been practising on my old knitting machine. Can't wait to try the new ones when the electricity gets put on. The electrician was out the other day looking at whether it was safe to dig the trench, but, not yet as too wet and boggy still. Now, it is drying quite well so I hope it will happen soon.

I continue to pick a dark brown fleece, and then throw it through the carder. Because it is predominantly Merino it seems to need at least 3 cardings. I think there are quite a few short pieces throughout. Oh well if I get sick of spinning it I think felting it would be a good option. (Bags come to mind!) I am still spinning up a grey fleece, which seems to be quite fine somewhere between a 5ply and 8ply which should suit a shawl or a nice patterned jumper.

The sheep are looking very woolly so will have to organise the shearer soon, in between 2nd and 1st birthdays for the grandchildren.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No rain today.... Girgarre Market tomorrow won't be so wet, though I think there will be a little wind. Won't be in usual place, but located on the street somewhere due to wet ground.

Managed to get a few new things done for the market. A handyed processed natural grey wool yarn knitted into a shawl, and 2 matching beanie and hanwoven scarves from multicoloured Bendigo wool.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wet Times...

....setting up the Studio/workshop. It includes the second-hand knitting machines that I have just bought, and set up is my original Empisal knitting machine(always set up) and brought out of retirement.

I thought I would put up a couple of photos to show how wet it has been...
...this is the drain that runs through the farm. It is higher than the concrete drain ....
..that Leigh is pulling up the door here to drain water from this paddock where it is running down from higher paddocks.
.....Handspun Corriedale wool, and a handspun and commercial wool woven scarf.
.....Strauch double-wide motorized carder.