Monday, August 31, 2009


Not a lot has been happening over the last weekend as I babysat my 11 mth old granddaughter, and she is walking everywhere. A little spinning, and knitting only happened when she was asleep.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Windy day...

A bit of a slack day catching up with the vacuuming (did I say slack)....
I have washed 7 skeins of alpaca and wool taday, hoping it will dry on the clothesline in the wind. I have been contract spinning some alpaca for an acquaintance from the North East. So far I have spun 8 skeins of this lovely brown of unknown weight. It seems to be a strong fleece so I hope she will be happy with it.

Saturday was another day for spinning and knitting. Sunday grocery shopping then off to Spotlight to buy material for quilts.

I have begun a cotquilt for my nephew's baby boy in Sydney (born earlier this year), then one for my sister's 50th birthday in October, followed by one for my 30 year old daughter who is expecting a baby in October.

Who said life was easy..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Market pictures

Finally played with the camera tidying up the pictures, so have pictures of Nagambie and Girgarre markets - well, only my stall...

Quiet weekend with some rain...

Lovely weekend with some relaxing moments (including sharing a bottle of wine or two with my partner, Leigh). Unfortunately the outdoor spa has sprung a leak and cannot be used at present ( we only have tank water to fill it with).

Lunch with 2 of my daughters and my grandchild in Echuca on Sunday.

Lots of wool play. I have been using my Picker on wool that I have dyed and now looks like colour clouds awaiting carding and blending.

It will be my first try with blending different colours so hope it works out.

We also had some rain on Sunday ...5.1mm. Better than nothing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girgarre Market....BRRRRR...

Today was the Girgarre Market, and it was freezing! I don't think the temperature changed at all, even though the sun tried several times to pop in. I think most people decided to stay in bed as market was a bit slower today. Some sales were made, so it wasn't all bad. Also I find it a very social event. It is one way to say hello to friends or workmates that you don't always see on a social footing.
I'll post some photos in a couple days.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nagambie Market....

After spending a sleepless night for some unknown reason, we were up early (5.40am) to get ready to go to Nagambie. First, coffee and light breakfast (save up for egg & bacon roll), then feed sheep and calf.
No fog, no rain today, but very cold coming off the Lake.
Not a lot of people around, but a few of my regular customerss turned up and persuaded themselves to buy more of my yarn. (I promise I did not threaten them in any way.)
It is a pleasure to have returning customers, and one new customer.