Friday, June 1, 2012

Lots happening...

A lot has been happening on the farm as well as in the studio, which has decreased my time blogging, so forgive me.
I am currenly knitting for my grandchildren a cardigan and a jumper on the knitting machine, and now almost finished.
Handspinning goes on forever and who wants stop??? I have not enough of my natural coloured handspun for the markets so thais is taking some priority. And 3 skeins have just gone off to a happy customer, so more of that happening.

A little more handspun hand dyed thick and thin, and a natural coloured woven houndstooth scarf completed.

The cows continue to calve with 12 calves since January, more to come for June, and then the remainder cows will start to calve in July onwards. These are the beef cows, and they will have to found a new home when we get dairy cows, as the property is not big enough for all the animals.
A friend has been keeping an eye out and spotlights at night shooting foxes. The sheep have been shifted to smaller paddocks where I can easily keep an eye on them, as they will start lambing from early next week. All looking in good condition, and hopefully up to 30 lambs could be expected as there is sure to be some twins.
And the farm has a new silo in readiness for grain for dairy cows when all the works are completed for the dairy to begin operating again.