Friday, February 8, 2013

It is...

....very dry here in Victoria. A recent fire across the road with the wind helping it along, was some concern, more because it could have been here with the wind blowing in our direction. But all good and 4 units put it out fairly quickly.
The garden is needing very regular watering but no weeding is getting done unfortunatly. While Leigh milks I do the garden in the mornings only.
Aso have to help my mother at times, sharing a few jobs with my sisters', as she is coming up for a shoulder repair.
Handwoven scarf from handspun Natural coloured Corriedale/Merino wool, plain weave

Machine knit summer cotton cardi...Bendigo cotton 4ply

Hand dyed grey fleece in 3 colours, blended once and handspun.
I have been spinning a lot, and machine knitting cotton  garments for our summer so am being very busy. I constantly look out for patterns to use or make up a few.
Above are a few items I have recently created.
Have organised a little trip to Papua New Guinea at the end of the month to visit my daughter Rebecca(Rebecca and the World) with her partner's mum as well.