Monday, November 26, 2018

It definitely has been a long time Posting..

It has been pretty busy this year. Lots of family issues, to work in with the markets and making products. But the year is nearly over and I will look forward to a small summer break from the markets.
But making for sales will be stepped up in an air conditioned studio over this time.
I have improved my machine knitting skills, so socks will be added. Little kids fingerless mitts have been pretty popular, so more of those to do would only do a few and they sold out each time. so a good heads start will work well.
I continue to handspin my yarns, so a good start to the season for next year will be a bonus.
The Yarn Van was in dire straits this year, and needed an engine replacement , very costly exercise , which I hope I never have to do again.
Coming up next year is the Coloured Sheep Congress in May in Italy, and am so looking forward to it. The Biella Wool Company is sponsoring it so it will be more about the processing.
As part of the North East Yarns, we will be processing white Corriedale fleeces into yarns, when that is done, I will be handdyeing these for my markets. I also love dyeing sock yarns as well.
Ok, lets see if I can focus on this blog a bit more.

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