Thursday, December 7, 2017

Busy times...

The last few months have been really busy, and not only with woolcraft.
Late September and October I took a trip to the USA, where I first caught up with a friend in Vacaville, North California. It was about sheep and wool. Jacalyn introduced me to some of her friends in the Fibershed group and I purchased some lovely dyed Wensleydale locks and a little (pin)
cushion from weaving offcuts. Lovely group of people. I purchased yarn and some cotton material from the lovely shops in Winters. More new friends for me.
Jacalyn showed me her huge carder that she makes such wonderful batts from, using fleeces from her own sheep. And then she puts it through her Felt Loom (needle) machine. Wonderful.
My net visit was with my daughter and son in law in Dallas, Texas, where I spent a whole week. Rebecca and Matt took me to visit several places when they weren't working. And I took some museum tours. Ate lots of food.
My next journey took me to New York to start a 2 week tour through the east coast and into Canada and back into the US through Pennsylvania, Washington, Philadelphia, and finishing up in NY. A wow of a trip. I still need to organise my photos and details so this is a brief story.
Next was a trip on Amtrak from Penn station to Rhinebeck to meet up with Marie Minnich who was showing her CVM Romeldaye sheep at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I stayed for 2 nights and one whole day at the Festival. Oh boy, those crowds, and those stalls full of fibre and yarn and lots other things. And, yes, I did buy yarn and fibre. I had a lovely time dining out with Marie and her friends.
So I, now, have new friends in California and Pennsylvania.
So, leaving Sunday morning, I caught 3 trains before catching 3 planes back to Australia.

And, no time to slow down after getting back home, I had to start preparing for a trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland for Leigh's son's wedding. All went well and it was a great time.
Next came Christmas lunches, luckily I only have 2. Hopefully now I can slow down from travelling and get some work done.
Uh oh forgot some medical appointments coming up and Nursing home visits to my father. Then Christmas and family time.

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